Sharpies for Teachers

"You're one sharp teacher. Thank you for all that you do." - City Hope Church

​​​​​​​To show how thankful we are for our teachers we are creating a small gift to hand out at the start of school in August. Scissors, hole punch and patience are that's required for this indoor project.


9:00AM - 12:00PM

When: Saturday, July 15, 2017

Where: 200 South Pine Street, Centralia

Spots Available: 10

Participant Age: All ages

Project: Cut ribbon, cut out 500+ thank you cards, and tie cards to each sharpie.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does SERVE Day start?

There will be a rally on the front steps of City Hope Church at 9:00AM on Saturday, July 15.

Can anybody serve?

SERVE Day is a great opportunity to invite people who don't attend City Hope to serve with you.

Is there childcare?

We will offer complimentary childcare for any children five and under. There will be plenty of outreaches available for those five and older.

What should I wear?

We ask everyone to wear their red City Hope SERVE team t-shirt. Grab a t-shirt at the SERVE Day table in the foyer at any weekend service or at check-in on Saturday, July 15. Dress accordingly to the outreach you are participating in. Some outreaches will require work clothes, while others will be casual attire.

Is there an age limit?

This will vary from outreach to outreach and will be specified in the details.